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Furture Direction of My Photography

I am focusing on two areas of my photography moving forward. First, i am getting into architectural photography. The work of Hufton + Crow really impresses and inspires me. Iwan Baan is also an inspiration to me, especially since he is my age. I also like the fact that he never studied architecture. That gives him a huge advantage and I think it will for me too. I could see myself starting a photography business with archictecture. The other area I am concentrating on is black & white fine art photography. One artist I discovered online that has inspired me recently is Mitch Dobrowner. His work is incredible. His most impressive pictures are of storms. I also like his pictures of the LA skyline. I saw what the power of black & white photography can be. I want people to have a spiritual experience when looking at one of my fine art photographs. Even my architectural photos. If I achieve that, I am doing my job right. I feel so much better as an artist with an area of focus.<

As an artist, one must not wait for inspiration. You must not wait for anything. Spend some time looking for things that inspire you. And be open all the time. Take that notepad and pen with you wherever you go. Or at least use the memo feature on your smartphone./p>

And yes, I am still doing screenwriting. That I will NEVER give up on.


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